ZeFRS Resolution Chart

Here is my version of the ZeFRS Resolution Chart. I made it to be somewhat printer-friendly, though I did splurg a little with the heavy title text and sword. Either should be easily deleted, should you desire. I wanted something easier on the printer than all those heavy blocks of color. I made this one from scratch, using Libre Office Calc for the “table” part of it, then imported it into GIMP for the title text, “key” text, and sword. The key text is left open so that it can be color-coded to the appropriate section of the chart.

I have printed this out, and it looks good, completely legible and clear. The “interior” lines on the graph are thin, but I think they look good that way. I used colored pencils on it and this is how it turned out:

I darked up some of the lines by hand, mostly because I knew I wasn’t going to waste ink and print it again, so there was no point doing it digitally. Unless I need to print it again, that is. If I do, I’ll upload the update.